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DLM & MoReq

“DLM” means Document Lifecycle Management.

Originally established in the late 1990s through an EC initiative. The forum meets regularly and hosts a conference every three years. The DLM Forum published the MoReq standard in 2001, MoReq 2 was published in 2008 and the latest edition, MoReq 2010 has just been released.

Membership of the forum is cross functional and it serves as an influential standards and guidance setting body for many aspects of information management.

More information can be found at

Our region has an excellent working relationship with the DLM Forum, their meetings are well attended and the conference is particularly worth a visit.

ARMA International have collaborated with the forum in promoting and raising awareness of the MoReq 2010 standard, our region is of course particularly interested in its output.

Our collaborative relationship with the DLM is strategically important to the region and we urge all our members to take time to explore what the forum does and how its outputs impact your daily work.

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