ARMA Europe

"Information Management in the Global Arena - A Call to Action"

 Henri Zuber

Session Description - Is Records Management just high-level filing? Are we just clutching at the latest straws of disaster and bad publicity (wiki-leaks, Enron, San Bruno pipeline explosion) in order to promote our own obsessive profession? Is records management and information governance too small or too big to tame? Does it consist of the same challenges, issues and amount to the same solutions around the world?

The global population is divided into people who care about record-keeping and those who don’t. The former see (and love) patterns and systems in the way humans work, play and interact and the evidential trail that leaves. They want to smooth the way through the information jungle for themselves and for others. The world needs ARMA, the ICA and the information professions.

The International Council on Archives wants to step up its efforts to promote and tackle the on-going challenge of taming (whilst not eradicating) the information jungle. How can ARMA and ICA work together effectively to achieve common goals?

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