ARMA Europe

"The Metamorphosis of a Records Manager"

Frans Smit

Session Description - In my session I would like to connect global trends in information management with my daily practice in the city of Almere, especially with the Information Governance program we have run now for two years.  I want to point out that a lot of theories, concepts, roles and functions are being dissolved and merged nowadays.  I also want to point out that this must lead to fundamental questions about information philosophy.

Speaker Bio - Frans Smit (1963) is a historian who has worked in the fields of archives, ICT and information management for more than 25 years.  He has a vast experience in systems engineering, general management, archival management, research and business consultancy.  In 1997-2007 he was responsible for redesigning the back office of the Amsterdam City Archives.  Nowadays he is working as the Records Management Inspector for the City of Almere and as an independent consultant.