ARMA Europe

"Why Do We Need Standards for the Preservation of Evidence & Trust for Digital Records?"

Steffen Schwalm

Session Description - Information technology provides the elementary basis for efficient business processes in administration, business and science.  Especially important is the preservation of the integrity and authenticity of digital records to maintain the conclusiveness of the documents supporting legal claims of the issuer or third parties and the proof of their correctness in the electronic legal and business transactions.  To achieve these aims it is required to preserve the evidence of the electronic records.  Against this background organizational guidelines and technical mechanisms have been developed and standardized which enable public administrations and private enterprises to preserve the evidence and the trustworthiness of their business records over a long period of time. 

Speaker Bio - Steffen schwalm works as Business Adviosr for BearingPoint Management & Technology Consultants.  He is an expert in perservation of evidence and trust for electronic records and records management.  He has 10 years of professional experiences and participates in standarization groups at ISO & DIN e.g. ISO 15489 or DIN 31647.  teffen Schwalm studied information sciences and (co-)authored 4 books, more than 25 articles for journals or proceedings and frequently gives lectures at relevant conferences.

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