ARMA Europe

"Cyber Espionage - The Story from the Front Lines"

Kris McConkey

Session Description - In this session, Kris McConkey, a cyber security expert at PwC, will recount his team's first hand experiences responding to cyber espionage intrusions and reveal how, in a matter of hours, attackers were able to rifle through an organisation's network, identify information of interest and exfiltrate it overseas. Kris will discuss specific network intrusions and reveal how attackers can make their mark on a network, in as little as 6 hours or over several years. The presentation will take you through cases step by step, discussing the intrusion in detail, explaining the tools, tactics and procedures used by the attacker, and will provide insights into how poor information governance in organisations can make hackers tasks much easier.  Using real life case studies, Kris will detail the business impact, and how the issues were isolated and mitigated. The session will prompt organisations to rethink whether they are truly prepared to respond to sophisticated threats.

Speaker Bio - Kris is a Director in the Forensic Technology Solutions practice and is responsible for the delivery of PwC's Cyber Threat Response capability which enables clients to resist, detect and respond to advanced cyber attacks. Focusing on cybercrime, espionage investigations and technical countermeasures, his team is regularly called on to investigate and contain network intrusions and provide actionable threat intelligence to clients in crisis situations.
Kris' background with PwC spans 8 years leading complex and multinational civil and criminal investigations requiring advanced digital forensics and data mining. In addition, he has a significant amount of experience working closely with legal counsel on strategies for data retention, collection, analysis and disclosure on a number of high profile regulatory compliance investigations involving both structured and unstructured data. Kris also has substantial experience of malware reverse engineering and secure systems & network architecture design.