ARMA Europe

“Influencing Human Behavior in the Use of Information”

Michiel Kooper, Ph.D.

Session Description - Information Governance is a logical and necessary development in organizations to benefit from the information society. This subject is becoming increasingly topical, mainly from a risk and compliance perspective, while the value of information is of equal importance to organizations. The speaker will show that there is a relation between employee and organizational behavior and the use of information. With this relation in mind it becomes evident that information governance goes beyond the traditional thought of risk and compliance and that it is even hazardous if an organization does not sufficiently shift the focus to the creation of value. Through the theory of Information Orientation Maturity the speaker will show that behavior and value are of equal importance as the use of IT and the management of information. The speaker will question whether the today’s CIO has adequate tools and skills to effectively focus on policies and developments that are information-centric. Or to go even a step further: is it solely the CIO who should take these questions into account? Whose responsibility is it to organize information management and to influence the information behavior within the organization? If an organization is able to consider information governance from a broader perspective than just technology and data then it will be able to create more value out of information. The speaker will share some of his experiences in a mental health organization and discuss a number of governance instruments that will help organizations to make better use of information.